ELEGANT MATRIX - a unique opportunity to leverage your funds for maximum potential.

The Elegant Matrix business model has been examined by a variety of independent sources, and all agree this is THE opportunity of 2016.

Payment processor fees, admin fees, referral fees - every element has been taken into consideration when putting together the Payment Plan. Your payouts will be maximized to their FULL VALUE.

ElegantMatrix uses a popular 2 x 2 matrix structure. This is a Forced Matrix - you do not need to promote to others unless you wish to. All new members are automatically placed in the next available matrix position regardless of sponsor. For full details, click on How it Works above.

The strength of a matrix is dependent on the support of its members. Therefore, ElegantMatrix offers a generous 10% commission for all matrix entries made by your referrals. NOTE: it is your responsibility to ensure your referrals sign up under you in order for you to receive referral commissions. There can be no changes made once your referral signs up.

Each person within the matrix receives access to downloadable products for resale, business or personal use. Therefore, all participants receive product value with their matrix positions.

ElegantMatrix utilizes the services of SolidTrust Pay as its sole payment processor. Use of only one payment system makes for lower fees and allows for independent audits of the program account - something which not many other administrators would allow.



02/08/16 Prelaunch Announcement


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